Pet Travel Insurance.

An exclusive, reliable, affordable and easily accessible insurance for travelling pets only.

Take 6 steps to benefit our service.

1. Send us an e mail for a quotation request. To do so, go to “CONTACT” on this site.
2. You will receive our quotation in the currency of your choice. ( EUR, USD or GBP) . Additional to the quotation we will also send you our conditions and arguments of sales.
3. If you then want to upgrade your service with Pet Travel Insurance, register under Login in the main menu of this site.
4. Transfer the required deposit to our bank account. The deposit amount will be mentioned in our quotation. As soon as we have received your deposit, we will activate you in our system. You will receive our e mail to confirm.
5. Now you can start selling Pet Travel Insurance.
6. For each shipment you wish to insure now, go to “login” and continue with “insure”.


Pet Travel Insurance,
hopes to welcome you as customer soon.

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